Complimentary Services

We know that moving can be stressful so here at Excess International Movers we do our best to make sure that all of your moving needs are taken care of. To these ends we offer a number of additional services to our clients to remove some of the most common worries that those relocating abroad tend to face:

Money Transfers
When you move it's important that you get the best exchange rates on your money transfers, so we use a company with over 30 years experience, who service more than 2.8 million customers a year trading over £11 billion per annum to get them the best exchange rate deals.

Tax Back
When you leave the UK it's important to check whether you are owed any tax back, it's surprising how many are. We only recommend the best to our customers so we use a firm with more than a decade of experience in over 17 countries.

For those moving to Australia or New Zealand our relationship with a number of major banks enables you to swiftly and simply set up accounts and have an account manager assigned to you before you even land at your destination.

Kinsure Insurance
This unique insurance covers you in the event that you need to rush back to the UK to be with a relative or friend who is ill and in hospital. It covers the cost of flights and accommodation close to the hospital, and can give peace of mind in these trying circumstances.

Car Shipping
For those moving to Australia, New Zealand or South Africa we offer the UK's leading bonded vehicle shipping service. You choose if your car is to have sole-use of a container or whether it'll share with others and we'll deal with all the paperwork and ensure that you car is kept safe and sound.

Pet Shipping
We have an excellent relationship with one of the UK's leading pet relocation services. For 40 years they have been completing the complex paperwork, keeping pets happy before their flights, making sure they are healthy for the trip, and ensuring that pet arrives safely at their new home.

For further information about any of these services please call us on 0208 349 2160.